10 Tips to write content for your web


What we need to write for our website is not easy as writing for print because most of readers do always think differently on the website. That’s why website writer should be careful for their content on the web.  Many people need a lot of things online to solve some problem in their study or job. These 10 Tips to write content for your web is very important for all web content writers.

please remember 10 Tips to write content for your web

1.Know what your readers need : All the contents that you post on your web is the needs of your readers, not for yourself. Readers do not like everything but the most important ways to write is focused on the real needs of a real reader type. They are middle class, female, male, kids and where do they live?

2.Take a publishing approach : What you will publish is the right things that readers will need and so you need to take care with content before you post on your website. If readers strongly need what they want, you should post that on homepage.

3.Keep content short and simple : these are the important guidelines for the length of your content:

                                                 - Headings: 8 words or less

                                                 - Sentences: 15-20 words

                                                 -Paragraphs: 40-70 words

                                                 -Documents: 500 words or less


4.Write active content : the most effective word that you should write in your content is “YOU” and write what they want to know. Many readers always visit your website to do the research something and hence you should post the content with the readers’ target. The sentence that you will write in your content is to move them to purchase, to subscribe or resolve problem.

5.Put content in context : this is about web link and connection because you want all readers to read our content more and so you should put the link in the content or relate post to attract them to our site again.

6.Write for how people search : This means that before you write the content , you find the right keyword that people will need to do the research and they are many websites that can help you with searching keyword such Google planner : https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner and so on.

7.Write great headings : To attract the visitors on your web, Headings are the most important pieceyou’re your content you will write because of :

-If your heading isn’t interesting, readers will go away from your website.

-Title metadata need good heading and This is what the search engines use on the search results page.

-The heading may be placed on a homepage as a link to the content.

8.Write great summaries,sentences, paragraphs : The summary is that who, what, where, when, how and you should write 50 words or less. You could use an adjective of summaries to attract visitors to read your content again.

9) Write great metadata: Metadata is very important for writing content and it can provide web content contex. So metadata is the website grammar that you need to know well how to write it on your website.

10) Edit. Edit. Edit. How to write content to attract visitors and make them interesting is focused on edit again and again until your website look safety and make visitors read your content happily.